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Grenache, vendanges manuelles domaine bio l'or de line chateauneuf-du-PapeThe cellar grenaches

It is the most important plot of my farm. It represents 2 hectares of an clay-limestone ground. This type of ground gives wines with a remarkable balance between the power and the acidity. We find on the plot mostly grenache , little syrah and mourvèdre. The oldest part, the one who gives the best quality, was planted more than about fifty years ago. The grenaches of this plot give wines with intense aromas, which recall very ripe stone fruits, blackcurrant, kirsch and licorice. It is then a precious grape variety to make the basis of our assemblies, but it needs some support to asert his qualities with the time. So, mourvèdre and syrah help it, with their tannins and their beautiful red color to become a « vin de grande garde » (Wine for long laying down).

The grapes from this plot are generally part of the composition of the cuvée Paule Courtilcuvée Paule Courtil , for the old vineyard part , and the cuvée l'Or de Line.