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A look back to the past.


We created the Domaine l'Or de Line in 2007 and gave it a name looking like the name of our daughter Laureline, hoping that one day she will run it. Which she decided to do so, to our great delight, in 2017.

For 10 years it was Paule and Gérard Jacumin who took care of it, taking advantage of the experience of several decades of work in a previous estate in the Châteauneuf du Pape vineyard.


The 22 ac of the estate is quite fragmented, because it is the reunion of vineyards coming half from the Gérard family and the other half from Paule's. Both come from old families of winegrowers from Châteauneuf du Pape. This, in addition to their own experience, allows them to benefit from that of the experience of their ancestors.

Paule, Gerard and Laureline eat organic food, live organic and have a particular sensitivity to the protection of the environment. This is why organic was natural for the growing and vinification of the wines.


Who works in the estate ?



  • The father : Gérard Jacumin, agri food engineer. I am very curious and I love the technique. That's why I made a lot of experimentations such as planting rare grape varieties, protecting the environment, using different methods of growing organic and making wine. See "Our methods".
  • The mother : Paule Courtil (wife's name Jacumin), I gave my name to the estate's prestigious cuvee and I am very proud of it. I use my energy and experience in the sales department of a Châteauneuf trade company to take good care of sales administration, accounting and payroll.
  • The daughter : Laureline Jacumin, As a teenager, I said: "Never work in the estate", Then, little by little, I decided to continue the family tradition. So I didn't start by studying viticulture. My training and professional experience led me to get to know the world of high-end hospitality, to understand the sale and management of a profit center, and then, in 2017, to run a estate. Although young, I have all the necessary skills for my job. I currently take care of part of the sales.