Bandeau violet chatoGB

Valory espace naturel sensible, étang salé, domaine bio l'or de line chateauneuf-du-PapeValory Grenaches

Lined by a wood in which the are many walkers, this vineyard has a bucolic side.

The salty pond below is a tourist curiosity which gives the possibility at many birds to nest. Moreover, we find them there sometimes in the early hours looking for earthworms.

In spring, there are many walkers who go round the pond while admiring the plants which compose this biotype so particular.

The ground, made essentially of grey clayey sands gives an excellent finesse and powerful aromas to the grenaches of the plot. In the assemblies which I make, the wine coming from this plot is used to moderate the ardour of the grenaches from vineyards with pebbles while bringing them some elegance. It means that I am using them following vintages : l'Or de Line et Domaine.