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Network DEPHY EcoPhyto


 The network of trial farms of the Grenelle de l'Environnement, organized by the French Government is growing. Its objective: make experiments to decrease the quantity of pesticides. Result of 2011 and 2012: reduction of one third of the brass quantity and, this year, half of the quantity of sulpher. Here is an effective approach both for the environment and for the consumer!

Although the products which I use in organic farming are, for the main part, sulfur and copper, without chemical industry products, it seemed to me important to take care of decreasing of doses. So, from 2010, I adhered inthe experiment network called réseau EcoPhyto. At the beginning, we were 18 groups of farmers, in whole France, all included cultures. In 2011, the network widened to 105 groups and to 1900 farms and, later, all the French farms, organic or not, will benefit from the result of theexperiments in decreasing the use of pesticides.

Fermes ecophyto

The aim is to protect the health of consummers, farmers and environment. Moreover, the government created a diploma called Certiphyto, which will be compulsory from October 1st, 2014 for all those who sell products,  buy them and apply them in farms. As I always want to be a forerunner in organic farming, I join the first group, on December 2010.Certiphyto petit


The first results are interesting because, the first year, I worked on the decrease of dose of copper. My aim, was to just use the necessary quanity at the right dose. For that purpose, I added the criteria " sensibility of the plot of land according to its life cycle " and " importance of the foliar surface " to the usual criteria of number of tasks of miliou and life cycle of the parasite. And I vary  the frequency but also the dosage of copper.

.Thanks to this way, I succeded in eliminating 1/3 of the usual dose. At the beginning and the end of season, even at the maximum of the season, when I have no recent contamination , I tested successfully half, even one third of dose. In 2011, I spread these principles to the use of the sulfur with results so convincing as on the copper. In 2012, I make experiments of change of mode of culture on the most sensitive plots of land. Result at the beginning of July, 2010: 7 spreadings of copper instead of 8 last year and, more spectacular, 4 spreadings of suffer instead of 8 last year! In 2013, I try the use of herb teas of diffrent plants (horsetail, stinging nettle) in complement in the low brass doses I use. Results : in 2013, in spite of a rainy year, the doses of suffer and copper have still fallen, what places me at a particularly low level, with a continuous decrease between 2010 and 2013

Traitements Dephy 

Experimentations planned in 2013: still decreasedoses of suffers, generalization of the use of herb teas and experimentation on half of the plot of land of the efficiency of two biodynamic preparations on the ground and the resistance for the diseases. Also, test of a quite new thermal weed killer on the resistant weed that arecouch grass and brambles.