Bandeau violet chatoGB

Vaccarese, vigne, cépage, Organic Chateauneuf-du-Pape Domaine l'Or de LineThe Terres Blanches (White grounds) Vaccareses

The vaccareses give compact grapes with big grains quite fragile. That's why I put them on threads. Then, since the vineyard is at the highest part of the Appellation, our powerful north wind, the « Mistral » will easily dry the leaves and the grapes. And so, it avoids treatments.

This grape variety can give high yields. But then, the wine is diluted. That's why, we are making a very short pruning during the winter and we are doing a green grape harvest in July.This work consists in removing the supernumerary grapes located, either in a compact package at the center of the stump, or on a bough which already wears another grape. Provided that this tedious work is made, this grape variety brings to the assembly, besides a beautiful red ruby color, an indisputable floral originality, very typical of the Appellation soil. So far that, while he it is naturally little powerful, the fact of being planted on a ground covered with big silica pebbles grants it to get the necessary wealthiness for a harmonious marriage with the other grape varieties.

In my vintages, I use it to give personality and originality to thecuvée Domaine. It is partially thanks to this contribution that this vintage has an unique taste.