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2009 : The 22 acres of Domaine l'Or de Line are engaged on an organic culture

Bineuses hydraques domaine bio l'or de line chateauneuf-du-Papeuli

  • No weedkiller
  • Soil and vineyard respect
  • Only natural manure
  • No treatment products coming from chemical industry
  • Respectful vinification of the grapes
  • Manual grape harvest
  • Traditional vinification
  • Limited use of SO2


2010 : More than organic, the DEPHY EcoPhyto system

Since the creation of Dephy Ecophyto in 2010, I joined a national research group, driven by the french State whose target was a reduction of treatments by 30% in 2013 and by 50% in 2018. Though the products that I use for organic farming are - mostly copper and sulfur – excluding any product coming from the chemical industry, it seemed to me important to be vigilant to the reduction of doses.
Then since 2010, I joined the EcoPhyto network.


« Pesticide abuse is dangerous for all the inhabitants of your garden »
Affiche de l'ONEMA et du ministère de l'Agriculture pour EcoPhyto 2018


Pour en savoir plus : Article de la revue "La Vigne" sur le groupe de Fermes Ecophyto.