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Bourboulenc grape Organic Chateauneuf-du-Pape Domaine l'Or de LineTresquous bourboulencs

This 30ares plot is located very close to the castle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Perhaps the popes used it for the wine they served to their noble guests ?

The soil is essentially composed of sand, with some pebbles in its higher part. This type of soil plays in the finess, the freshness more than the power. I thought that it was an ideal ground for white grapes because we are looking for aromas and elegance for white wines.

The bourboulenc is a quite late grape variety, it completes the other white grape varieties with a touch of vivacity and freshness, it brings an unusual acidity in a warm region who counterbalances the power of white grenaches.

In my vintages, it's associated to the other white grape varieties to produce our l'Or de Line blanc. Thanks to our bourboulenc and our picpoul, most of our customers are pleasantly surprised by the freshness of my white. I also use a small part of it to give an originality to the cuvée Domaine.