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The Palestor Grenaches


Attention old vineyard ! Planted in 1930, my very old grenaches certify the longevity of vine stocks. This plot at very small yield has only 1,10m between rows. It means that's is well adapted for the horse but it's impossible to work with a tractor.

That's why I asked to Mr Pichaud, coachman ploughman, to come with its powerful horse « Joyeux » of comtoise race .

This return to sources is a way to keep grenaches which make the power of my best vintage. Indeed, since 80 years, roots had really the time to develop . They fetch the nourishing elements in a considerable earth volume. Elements who are concentrated by the stump in some rare grapes. It is enough to tasting the grapes during the grape harvest to appreciate the concentration.

Fortunately for « Joyeux », the ground is based of sandy clay rather easy to work. Nevertheless, after a long ploughing day, he deserves a piece of apple offered by Laureline, my daughter.


Thanks to Mister Pichaud and Joyeux, the grapes of this plot are one of the basis of cuvée Paule Courtil.