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red Paule Courtil Organic Chateauneuf-du-Pape Domaine l'Or de Line


Cuvée Paule Courtil


A top of range vintage of 1500 bottles/year

This wine is an extract of the oldest vineyards of the domain, among the oldest of the european continent.

It wears the name of my dear and loving wife.

These very old vines have deep roots, which draw far the wealth of the ground and concentrate it in very few grapes. Of course, the yield is very limited, near 20 in 25 hectoliters a hectare. But, in that case, does it have a real importance?

In these plots, grape varieties are mixed, with a majority of grenache. The choice of the grape plantin is the fruit of the history and the work of the WINE GROWERS ANCESTORS OF PAULE COURTIL, my wife.

I vinify this wine with a lot of precaution, by making an extraction of the grapes aromas. Then with it, I am doing the breeding during one year in new barrels of oak to give to it flexibility.

A nose of blackcurrant, cocoa and grilled coffee, a round, fruity mouth with a melten wooded give to this vintage of exception its unique taste.

This wine, which gets older perfectly well about fifteen years, is to be appreciated on a grilled beef or a stuffed meat.


It obtained advantageous press articles as well as numerous medals.

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