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red Organic Chateauneuf-du-Pape Domaine l'Or de Line

Cuvée l'Or de Line


A prestigious selection of soils from the famous appellation Châteauneuf-du-Pape

To make an elegant and powerful wine, I chose three to four grape varieties according to the vintage.

 First of all: a black grenache which gives powerful and ample wines, selected from a stony soil if it's a wet and cool year or from a more sandy clayey soil if it's a warm and dry year.

The consequence for me is to always have a very aromatic basis by avoiding the stumbling block of a too much alcoholized wine. To this grenaches selection, I added mourvèdres with fine tannins to favor the preservation and syrahs with powerful aromas of red berries. Finally, according to years, I add 5 to 10 % of white or pink grape variety to bring some freshness if the year was dry.

 During the wine making, I used alternately two soft techniques of extraction to concentrate the best of the vintage. Then I aged half of the vintage eight months in oak barrels and the other half in tank.

And then, what I aim, is to have a more flexible, more open wine, without a too marked grilled coffee or vanilla aroma , this to have a very typical wine of the Appellation.

I appreciate, in this vintage, the flavors of white flowers and the spicy notes of laurel, the aromas of earth after the rain and of resin mixed with kirsch, whortleberries and blueberries. It is a wine at the same time powerful and elegant, with a beautiful intensity, flexible tannins, and a final long. ?

He can be tasted young, on the red berries notes and can be keeped easily a decade in a good cellar.

It pairs very well with games and meats in sauce.

Several awards and press articles greeted is quality.

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