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vigne galets mourvèdre Organic Chateauneuf-du-Pape Domaine l'Or de Line

The Bois de la Vieille Mourvedres

This 75 ares nice plot is planted with mourvedres on a sandy ground covered by silicia pebbles.

The mourvedre is a grape variety who shows an aroma of underwood, resin and fresh mushroom. With the time, this bouquet enriches with very typical wild scents of venison and leather. The mourvedre is specifically very resistant to oxydation, this quality is appreciable in the red wines which have to age, mostly if it is assembled with the Grenache.

Some years of testing showed me that this grape variety appreciates particularly to the ageing in new oak barrels. With this, it gains roundness, flexibility and elegance.

If Mother Nature offers it enough water at the beginning of the summer, this plot gives a powerful, deep-coloured and very aromatic wine, the style of wine that I am particularly proud to present to our customers. And who is regularly winner in wine competitions.

It si particularly useful in the following vintages :l'Or de Line and Domaine