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Syrah cabrieres grapes cépage, Organic Chateauneuf-du-Pape Domaine l'Or de LineCabrieres syrahs

 Just below the very rocky plateau of Mont Redon, sheltered from the wind, we have a nice plot 60 ares plot of Syrah.

Shielded from the car trafic, this quiet place is a stopping place for migratory birds. We see them perching often on the high trees along the plot and, sometimes, taking strengths by pecking at forgotten grapes during the grape harvest.

It's in this plot that we used for the first time hydraulic hoers who work the ground, cut the grass between the stocks and favor the aeration of the superficial layer. A perfect example of the technology at the service of the organic culture. It's also in this plot that we are spreading marc compost, in order to develop even more the microbian life in the ground.

The aromatic complex of the Cabrieres Syrah is above all dominated by fragrances of small fruits : raspberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, and the aging gives fragrances of wild berries, violet and stonefruits. It appears as a providential element of assembly, bringing its colourand its aromes to our most beautiful vintages.

Generally, I am harvesting the plot in two steps : the southern part, ore aromatic is dedicated to the cuvée domaine and the northern part, more concentrated to the cuvée Paule Courtil.