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Picpoul, grapes cépage, Organic Chateauneuf-du-Pape Domaine l'Or de Line

Barde d'Asne picpouls

Very small 20 ares plot, it is located on the western part of the appellation, on one of the most rocky soils of the appellation. In fact, the clayey-calcareous ground is covered with big silica pebbles. It is certainly our most difficult plot to work.

Considering its exposure and considering the type of ground, it is the soil which concentrates a lot the characteristics of grape varieties. In fact, pebbles accumulate the heat during the day to restore it at night, playing then the role of small radiators. This effect is strengthened by the western exposure which keeps the sun late during the day.

I wished to plant it with picpoul. This grape variety has a rich bouquet in white or pink grapefruit depending on the years, followed by a fresh acid form, little tannic but fine. Its faults are a light structure with, when it is cultivated in important yield, a bitterness at the end of mouth.

The fact to have chosen a ground which limits the yields and which concentrates, implies that its structure becomes then deserving to be part of an assembly of Châteauneuf, while keeping its freshness and its finesse necessary for white wines. I also take advantage of aromas of citrus fruits to bring of the originality to my whites...

In my vintages, of course, I use it for my

 Châteauneuf-du-Pape blanc but also, the years when the drought had made lose some freshness in the red grapes, in complement for vintages the l'Or de Line, Domaine, even, in any small quantity for the vintage Paule Courtil.

It is thus a precious joker to bring, in the most natural way, the acidity which can sometimes be lacking.